I want to join! (Click for the Membership Form)

NEW ONLINE JOIN: https://www.pt-avenue.com/join/member.asp

Simply download and save the Membership Form. You may drop a check (payable to WMS PTSA) in our drop box located at the Main Office.

Annual membership is $10. These dues include membership in the Washington State and National PTAs as well.

You are not required to attend meetings (unless you want to) and we will never pester you to volunteer (unless you want us to!). However, if you’d like to learn more about the school and what’s going on, we encourage you to come to the meetings. If you’re interested in chairing a committee or handling money, membership is required.

Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the library.

Why Join PTA (Parent Teacher Association)?

For more than 100 years, the PTA has advocated for kids on the local, state and national level. Child labor laws, universal kindergarten, school breakfast and lunch programs, and universal immunization—these are all things we take for granted today but were each hard fought victories for PTA.  Our dues support the continued efforts to be one voice working for every child.  The organization also provides training opportunities, resources, and insurance and legal help.  Additional funding supports grants, art programs (Reflections), and scholarships.

By joining the WMS PTSA, you support your child, this school, and the greater community of learners. Membership dues and fundraising enable our PTSA to provide needed resources that support student learning and activities, such as curriculum enrichment, scholarships, staff appreciation, 8th Grade Celebration, field trips, and school directories for every family.

What’s the S in PTSA stand for?

At the middle and high school levels, PTAs encourage students to join in the discussion about what is happening in their school and for their education.  To emphasis this desire, an S for Student is added…PTSA.  The hope is that our school community joins together parents, teachers and students to create the best educational success possible.